My Holiday Way

Sometimes I’m quite lucky and I may have some spare time. I love working also when I’m on holiday but in a different way. I love to create. Usually, except when I’m in London, I prefer really not crowded places.

I Like to be also alone, without any noise , without everything is part of my normal life.

It may seems strage, but, also if I leave in the quite and most beautiful place ever, it’s like living in a big city, always running :-D.

Ok, I’m really lucky because anytime I may go to Passo Giau, or any other peaceful place and take a breath.

When you’re lost into our Dolomites, just sitting down admiring landscapes you recharge yourself. Being alone is luxury, is something priceless . When you see sunset on Pelmo or Civetta, when you have an aperitif near the lake…when you stay with the person who you love more….but especially when you have time for yourself or for him/her. You know….what’s more precise then our time? Nothing! 

We don’t have to fight against hime, we have to live…lie the present.

Some things are to for everybody….believe me. When you stop and relax you don’t need too many people….you need just you and your soulmate if you have, or your family. To relax do you really need shops to buy shoes? No…you may buy shoes everywhere . You may buy clothes everywhere…..but… you can’t buy this sunset everywhere and tomorrow it will be different from today. 

This is luxury: no crowded place.

Obviously is need a good apartment, a good location…but it depends on what you prefer more. What I mean is that we have to stop and be back to ourselves . Is like skiing in Marmolada at 8.30 am. …. everybody is coming form other valley to ski on the Queen….and you….you have just to go out from your apartment and take the lift. You have all the slope just for you! It’s not a dream. It’s a reality.


Why do we have to choose our holiday without considering what we honestly need more?