Today I’m wondering just about people, Why is so important for people to make others know who they are?


Lawyer….ok you are a lawyer, and what should it mean for me? I can’t understand. For me it’s not the title, it’s not your job that makes me impress. I’m impressed by souls…soul says who you are not your job title. For me is important who you are inside, how big is your heart, the rest are just details, In Italy we have this sad behavior……”I’m, I’m, I’m”….ok….you are, but sorry I don’t really care. All the important persons who I know, and who I really like are so nice, kind and they have a really big heart. They strongly love what they do, but they don’t say “I’m”. They strongly work and they strongly believe in what they do.


Heart makes the difference in any situation because heart guides you on the right way and make you strong when you need to be in bad moments.